Made to Fly Technologies

The Web, Made to Fly

MTF Technologies is creating web software dedicated to enhancing web-native technologies and providing users with efficient web creation workflows.



for: Web Developers

Gondola is a unique static site generator and Progressive Web App engine that uses a blueprint file for centralized site architecture instead of the inherent directory structure. It tries to rely on explicit dictation as much as possible instead of hiding modifications behind abstractions.

Status: Private Beta (invites open) | email:


for: Web Developers and Web Designers

Envelope is a CSS library and workflow that aims on working with the CSS cascade and modern CSS advancements like CSS modules, CSS Grid, Container Queries, etc. CSS is amazing. Envelope provides a minimal, yet expansive architecture on top of plain CSS capabilities.

Status: Close Alpha


for: Everyone

Skymark is a lightweight markup language that aims to fill in the gaps left by Markdown as well as provide Content Creators with the option to create web-first content that deeply integrates with websites and web apps without having to write HTML, CSS and JavaScript by hand in separate environments.

Status: Closed Alpha